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The temperature control of magnesium die casting
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   Temperature is the thermal factor of the die casting process. In order to provide good filling conditions, to ensure the quality of die casting parts, control and maintain the thermal stability, must choose the appropriate temperature specification. The temperature control of magnesium die casting is mainly refers to the pouring temperature of the magnesium alloy and the preheating temperature of the die casting mould.

   In the production of magnesium alloy die-casting parts, must be reasonable choice of pouring temperature. The casting temperature is too high, the solidification shrinkage is bigger, the casting is easy to produce crack, the grain is coarse; pouring temperature is too low to produce the defect, the surface crack and so on. The melting pot sleeve of the hot chamber die casting machine in the furnace, the heat loss is small when the injection; pouring temperature is generally at about 640 degree celsius. Cold chamber die casting machine temperature is higher, generally at about 680 degree celsius. If the pressure casting molding is not ideal, can be improved from other aspects, such as pressure injection speed, mold temperature, etc.. You must not improve only the pouring temperature of alloy, because the magnesium alloy furnace with the protection of gas, the temperature is too high (more than 710 degree celsius) will lose its effectiveness.

   Before filling the die casting die must be pre heated to a certain temperature in order to prevent the metal liquid from entering the cavity after rapid cooling and not forming, even if it can be formed but easily produced casting crack and surface flow marks and other defects. In addition, preheating to a certain temperature can also avoid the sharp expansion of the mold, reduce temperature fluctuations, improve the life of the mold. Die casting die working temperature should not be too high, in order to prevent the metal sticking to mold and deformation during demoulding, thus affecting the production efficiency.

   According to the
magnesium die casting manufacturing temperature (650 ~680 degree celsius) to determine the mold initial temperature range of 180 ~ 190 degrees celsius. The mold temperature is generally maintained at 180 ~ 280 degrees celsius in the process of magnesium alloy die casting.

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