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The characteristics of light alloy die casting wheel
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Light alloy die casting wheel weight to 2 kg lighter than steel wheels if them are of the same size. According to the experiment, the five seat car to reduce weight per one kilogram, a year savings of about 20 liters of gasoline. Published by the American Society of automotive engineering research report pointed out that light alloy wheel hub than ordinary steel wheel although expensive, but a car runs twenty thousand kilometers, the savings in fuel costs can earn back the cost.
   Prolong the service life of the engine:
According to the engine load and the power curve, when the load increases to a certain extent, the power was decreased. This means that at each additional unit load, the engine will consume more fuel.. To reduce the load on the engine can reduce the engine failure, prolong life.
   Good heat:
The heat conduction coefficient of light alloy is three times that of steel. Good heat dissipation effect, long-distance high-speed, also can keep the tires in the appropriate temperature, brake drum and tyre is not easy to aging, increase life span, reduce the chance to have a flat tire, effectively guarantee the safe running of the automobile.
Light alloy die casting wheel precision up to 0.05mm, good stability, conducive to the elimination of the body and the steering wheel vibration problem, but also has high damping performance, more comfortable.
In impact resistance and tensile resistance and thermal aspects of light alloy wheels is higher than that of steel wheel. This is why
light alloy die casting products is very important in the defense industry and the aviation industry in the.
Because of the restriction of production, steel wheel form is monotonous, lack of change. Light alloy wheel hub has a wide variety of design and color, luster and good effect, so as to improve the value and beauty of the car. By casting method to produce light alloy wheels can produce any space to face and shape, to match the different models meet the needs of different customers, and not easy to accumulate dirt, easy to clean.

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