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Selection of the die material which principles
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Selection of the die material which principles, let everybody know better in the work of the mold material, mold parts also make better, choose a good mould material life is not only long and the processing efficiency is very high, today we went to have a look the selection of die materials which principles:

Yize mold to tell everybody, selection of die materials, not only in relation to thedie service life, but also directly affect the manufacturing cost of the mould, so itis an important work in mould design, selection of good mold material can quickly improve the mold technology. In stamping process, die under impact load and continuous work, the convex concave mold, under intense pressure and intense friction, the working condition is very poor. So the choice of mold material should follow the following principles:


According to the type of mold and its working conditions, the selection of materials to meet the use requirements, should have high strength, hardness,wear resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance etc.;


According to the stamping material and stamping production batch of material selection;

To meet the processing requirements, should have good processing properties,easy machining, good hardenability, small distortion of heat treatment;

To meet the economic requirements, in die manufacturing, usually according to the similarity of part structure and process, all kinds of mold parts can be roughly divided into working surface parts, plate type parts, shaft parts, sleeve parts etc..The processing method mainly includes mechanical processing, specialprocessing of two categories, mechanical processing method mainly includes thecutting and processing all types of metal cutting machine tool, using ordinary andCNC cutting machines to cars, milling, planing, drilling, boring, grinding can be completed most of mold parts processing, adding to the locksmith operation, can realize the whole mold manufacturing the. Mechanical processing method is the main method for machining die parts, even the mold work parts with specialmachining method, also need to be pre processed by machining methods.

Following the tooling requirements of the continuous improvement of quality, high strength, high hardness, high toughness properties of die materials appear andcomplex surface, hole is constantly increasing, the traditional mechanical processing method has been difficult to meet the requirements of the moldprocessing. Therefore, the direct use of electricity, heat, light, process method,electrochemical energy, sound energy chemical energy and other specialprocessing have been developed very fast, special processing method at present to EDM based has been widely used in the modern mold manufacturing,it is an important supplement to the mechanical processing method.


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