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The development history of automotive aluminum alloy castings
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   In 1940s, people began to use automotive aluminum alloy castings instead of iron castings. At that time in Europe, a few of the car factory developed Aluminum Alloy intake and cylinder head, and started a small amount of production, such as the Italy Fiat Co. In the 50's, Australia introduced low pressure casting technology of a British company production of aluminum casting for automobile. At the same time, West Germany a company had made a further improvement of low pressure casting technology to produce Aluminum Alloy parts with complex structure. The General Motors Corporation began mass production of automotive aluminum castings, such as air-cooled cylinder head, crankcase, engine cover etc.. 60 years later, due to the development of high pressure die casting technology, application to Aluminum Alloy based light metal in a substantial increase in the car, laid the foundation of aluminum castings lightweight vehicles widely used in modern automobile industry.
   In the past 20 years, the application of automotive aluminum alloy castings in the automotive industry in the world is increasing. According to statistics, world of aluminum castings annual output growth rate by more than 3%, and 60% ~ 70% of aluminum castings used in automobile manufacturing in the total output of aluminum castings, making the development of world aluminum casting production and application and the automotive industry have close relationship. The development of Japanese
aluminum auto die casting parts is the most prominent. In the early 1970s, many Japanese car company is carried out and expand application of aluminum alloy in automobile engine research, is widely used in the beginning of aluminum castings instead of iron cast to produce air inlet pipe, cylinder head, and a small amount of production of aluminum engine.

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