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Development history of magnesium die casting technology
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   Magnesium alloy material was found in 1808, and was used in industrial production in 1886. Magnesium die casting technology has been successfully used in die casting from 1916 to the present, it has developed for more than eighty years. Mankind has experienced a long process of exploring and developing the production technology of magnesium alloy and its products.

   Since the introduction of high strength MgAl9Zn1 in 1927, magnesium alloys have been used in industrial applications to obtain substantial progress. 1936 German Volkswagen Automobile Company began with the production of magnesium alloy automobile engine transmission system parts, 1946 magnesium alloy amount of bicycle use up to 18kg. In the United States from 1948 to 1962 years, the use of hot chamber die-casting machine production of cars, which
magnesium die casting parts of up to millions of pieces.

   In spite of this, the past magnesium alloy as a structural material is mainly used in the aviation field, in other industries, the main use of magnesium is the production of aluminum alloy, followed by the desulfurization of steel and the production of ductile iron.

   In recent years, due to the increasing demand for lightweight products, the continuous improvement of magnesium alloy performance and the significant progress of die casting technology, and the amount of magnesium alloy was significantly increased. In particular, the automobile is put forward to further reduce the weight, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, improve driving safety and comfort requirements, magnesium die casting technology is rapidly developing. In addition, magnesium alloy die casting has been gradually extended to other areas, such as notebook computer shell, hand-held electric saw machine shell, automatic wire collecting box for fishing pole, video shell, mobile phone shell, aircraft communications and radar equipment cabinet, as well as some household electrical appliances.

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