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The advantages of custom zinc die casting
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   Die casting zinc alloys have obvious advantages compare to other non-ferrous metals, for example, the material price is low, the melting point is low, the energy consumption is little, the fluidity and the formability is good, the filling is full, the casting surface is smooth. It is particularly suitable for polishing, plating and spraying, suitable for production of custom zinc die casting.

   With the improvement of the performance of the hot chamber die casting machine and the development of the surface decoration technology of the zinc alloy die casting parts, the application scope of die casting zinc alloy has become more and more. For example, rocker, handle, bracket, dial, case, and motorcycle carburetor, pump casing, plotter etc.. It has been recognized that high purity zinc must be used to obtain high quality and high stability of
zinc alloy die casting. To strictly control the iron, aluminum, lead and other impurities in the zinc alloy.

   Zinc alloy castings surface treatment and decoration technology developed rapidly, can be obtained by electroplating a very bright surface. In the case of no high temperature strength, the zinc alloy die casting is a strong competitor of the copper alloy die casting. Zinc alloy die casting after oxidation treatment can obtain bronze appearance, this is a major breakthrough in zinc alloy casting art. The tableware and wine industry, zinc die casting alloys can replace silver with its low price.

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