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Molding method of die casting magnesium housings
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   Die casting magnesium housings molding method generally has three kinds of hot chamber die casting, die casting, injection molding. Hot chamber die-casting machine production efficiency is high, it is the cold chamber die casting machine two times in the case of the same capacity. But its clamping force is generally below 7840KN, usually used for thin wall castings of little quality.
   Cold chamber die casting machine applicable to the production of thick wall parts and heavy parts, the clamping force is far greater than the hot chamber die casting machine, such as car seat, frame, etc., these products are produced by cold chamber die casting machine.
   Injection molding machine adopts the integral forming method, the die casting and injection molding process, the mold and the molding material are similar to the die casting process, the process is similar to the injection molding process. The principle is: firstly, the magnesium alloy ingots are cut into small particles, and then the particles are loaded into the hopper, and the material is forced to be transported into the material cylinder. The rotating screw in the barrel drives the magnesium alloy particles to move toward the mold. When the magnesium alloy particles reach the heating position of the barrel, a portion of the particles is molten state. Under the action of the shear of the helix,
magnesium alloy die casting materials with dendrite microstructure converted into a semi-solid alloy with thixotropic structure. When it is accumulated to a certain amount, it is injected into the cavity of the vacuum state.

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