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The characteristics of metal stamping technology
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    Metal stamping technology has a wide range of applications. In the various industrial sectors of the national economy, almost all stamping products. Such as cars, airplanes, tractors, motors, electrical appliances, instruments, railways, telecommunications, chemical and light industrial products, etc., it has a large proportion of.
    Stamping production is mainly the use of stamping equipment and tooling to realize the processing of metal materials (sheet). So stamping process has the following characteristics:
(1) High productivity, simple operation, easy to realize mechanization and automation, especially suitable for mass production;
(2) The stamping parts surface is smooth, the size precision is stable, the compatibility is good, the cost is low;
(3) Can get high strength, high stiffness, small weight parts in the case of material consumption is not much;
(4) Can be processed complex shape parts by other methods difficult to process or can not be processed.
    Because the
metal stamping process has the advantages of saving material, saving energy and high productivity, it determines the cost of stamping products is low, and the efficiency is good, so the stamping production occupies an important position in the manufacturing industry.
    With the rapid development of science and technology and the rapid development of industrial production, the mold has become an important means of modern industrial production, stamping production and die industry has been highly valued by countries around the world.

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