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Custom aluminum die casting finished product inspection procedure
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    One, Purpose:
1, Detection of electrical performance: such as resistance, power, pressure.
2, Appearance detection: The
custom aluminum die casting surface can not have obvious scratches, bumps and other defects, coating without white, foaming and other undesirable phenomena.
3, Packing: use the specified packing box and detect whether the qualified product is neatly placed in the box.

    Two, Operation requirements:
1, Appearance: the surface of the product can not have the die casting and machining defects.
2, Measuring resistance: using digital resistance measuring instrument, the range of reference technology card.
3, Measuring insulation: the insulation resistance of insulation resistance meter to process requirements, one end contact male tab of the terminal, on the other end contact the product surface, if the alarm it is a bad product.
4, Test voltage: voltage tester to process requirements, the terminal end in contact with the guide rod, the other end of the contact surface of the product, if the alarm it is bad products.

    Three, Duty:
1, Operator to wear gloves, can not have silica gel on the product surface and coating surface.
2, Through the visual appearance without obvious defects.
3, The electrical properties of unqualified products need to rework or scrap.
4, The first product must be on-site inspection and inspection and then the
die casting parts manufacturer can be in mass production, each basket product must fill in the transfer card and label, identification cards for qualified and unqualified products.

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