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CNC processing and die casting phone enclosures
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    Most of the current metal shell phones are all CNC processing, but CNC time consuming, large processing capacity, high cost; in the already very low profit margins, the major companies try to reduce costs. Metal cell phone shell processing method can be divided into three categories.
    1, All use CNC processing. CNC processing mobile phone housing is through the CNC processing center will be a piece of aluminum milling into a specific shape, this processing method to get the best quality of the mobile phone shell, but there are two relatively large defects: (1) process time is long, about 1 hours; (2) the cost is relatively high.
    2, CNC process combined with die casting. The most out of the metal is CNC processing, the middle part of the die casting,
die casting phone enclosures is a metal casting process, which is characterized by the use of mold cavity to melt the metal applied high pressure. The mold is usually made of high strength alloy, which is similar to injection molding. Most die castings are not containing iron, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin and tin alloy. Depending on the type of die, cold chamber die casting machine or hot chamber die casting machine are required.
Advantages of CNC process combined with die casting:
(1) shorten the time, for example: if all the use of CNC processing need 50 minutes, CNC processing combined with die casting can be shortened to 30 minutes;
(2) to save costs, at least 30% of the cost can be saved.
    3, All use of die casting. Its advantages are: save cost, save time. The disadvantages are: the appearance is not good, the anodic oxidation is not easy. It is understood, die-casting of direct anodic oxidation is difficult and the voids, rill mark, grain is not consistent for die castings, these problems will bring great changes to the
die casting parts manufacturing industry.

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